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Fans,this is your chance to get involved in Britney's career by making a contribution.. Initial contributions will be used to prepare a comprehensive Treatment fully detailing the Theme and Music for this Music Video staring Britney... If the idea is accepted I will be seeking additional Investors to produce the Music Video. Contributors for the first stage (treatment) will be given a return on Investment and the 1st choice  opportunity to Invest in the final product if it is accepted by Britney.. If the treatment is not accepted there will be no return on your investment for producing the Treatment... Finally if we get this off the ground I believe it will Honor Brittany, and OUT sell any Video she has every Produces !
I honesty believe this will be a BLOCKBUSTER !  Come and Join me... Thank you for listening and please contact me if you have any questions. SENIORDREAMER

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24859-club-music-music-100x100.jpg 24859-club-music-music-100x100.jpgSpecial Theme Video starring Britney. It will honor her and be the best video of her career.

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