This is an opportunity to join me in producing a  Music Video hopefully starring Britney Spears. The theme of the Video is original and one that will Honor Britney... As a Senior Dreamer I am seeking an investment to have a treatment prepared to present to Britney.. If she accepts the idea (theme), I will at that time seek  producers  to complete the project.. All investors will be offered a share in the profits if we can convince Britney to accept our Story and have  it produced.. This is my initial attempt to raise funds to get the Ball Rolling on this project.. Come aboard NOW and enjoy the ride!  If you are a Fan of Britney Spears this is an opportunity to get involved in one of her productions... The name of the Video and Theme will not be disclosed until I have the necessary funds to prepare a treatment. Invest now with the minimum of $100 or any other higher amount you wish... Thank you, Senior Sage.


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